ocean vert

Marine and coastal resources

Observe, advise and train to preserve marine resources and develop the fisheries and aquaculture sector

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The future of fishing and its stakeholders is a key issue. The question of sustainability of resources is fundamental, as is their monetisation.

Bureau Veritas delivers support: 

  • through our skills across a panel of activities: data collection (scientific observation, surveys), consulting, expert assessment, training and technical support.
  • with a multi-disciplinary team comprising qualified and experienced technicians and engineers, capable of effective work on desk-bound or field projects.
  • with a network of preferred external consultants and partners.
  • in France and internationally.

Welcome to this new section dedicated to our expertise on marine resources: Océanic Développement is now Bureau Veritas.

  • Consulting and expertise

    Contribute to better use of fishing and fish farming resources, participate in the development of the blue economy. Read more

  • Data collection

    Provide data to analyse marine resource stocks. Read more.

  • Innovation and development

    Sustainable development and blue economy. Read more.

  • Training

    Support under our client programmes. Read more.

One of our main strengths is experience gathered through work done for the European Commission on various aspects of the Common Fisheries Policy: financial support (EFF and EMFF), internal and external parts of the policy, assessment of fishing agreements


Strong experience in:

  • Technical and financial audit
  • Prospective studies and eco-certification approaches
  • Observation and inspection of fishing activities, collection of scientific data (surveys) for public authorities, research institutes or producer organisations under selectivity programmes (testing new fishing equipment)
  • Management of projects to develop and deploy data collection systems at sea and on land, inspection and monitoring of fishing activities, provision of specialised personnel for short and long-term missions.