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Training for the fisheries and aquaculture sector

Support under our client programmes

Train and support players in the fisheries and aquaculture sector

Given the regulatory and technical complexity affecting the fisheries and aquaculture sector and its constant changes, players active in the sector need ongoing support and training to improve their knowledge and practices. Bureau Veritas proposes a custom service to support your training projects, whether generic or specific, occasional or continuous.

We also propose a full training and support service to meet a variety of needs, design training plans, modules and media, organise and deliver training (in Bureau Veritas offices or in the field). We provide assessment of knowledge and skills or the development of simplified media content and information distribution.

Examples of training programmes:

  • Training for professional fishers and inspectors from French fisheries on declaration obligations applicable to marine fishing, or the traceability of fishing products
  • Training for scientific observers or survey technicians: data collection protocols, sampling protocols, species recognition, best practices, etc.
  • Training for French or international fisheries inspector (e.g. FAD-free, expanded SCS capacities, etc.)

Production of best practice guides (e.g. onboard vessels)

Marine and coastal resources

Observe, advise and train to preserve marine resources and develop the fisheries and aquaculture sector

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