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Consulting and expertise on the fisheries and aquaculture sector

Contribute to better use of fishing and fish farming resources, participate in the development of the blue economy

Manage and monetise resources sustainably

Bureau Veritas is active in all areas of the fishing and aquaculture sector, from catching fish to product sales and certification. It combines a scientific approach with technical, economic and social factors. 
Our experts generate better knowledge of resources, their environment, their management and use methods, delivering a historically-valued service in terms of support to public policies.

Our solutions for fishing and aquaculture

Bureau Veritas experts work with all types of public or private sector bodies, in France and internationally, on projects related to upstream and downstream fishing and aquaculture activities.

Scientific and technical approach

  • Data collection, processing and analysis
  • Assessments, diagnostics, action plans
  • Participation in scientific research programmes
  • Catch tracking, inspections and monitoring
  • Analysis of new methods to monetise product and co-products
  • Expertise associated with new information and communication technologies
  • Trade and product certification
  • Contribution to studies and trials on innovative fishing techniques (e.g. organically-sourced biodegradable equipment, improved selectivity of fishing equipment, etc.)

Social and economic approach

  • Assessment of the sector, diagnostics, action plans
  • Opportunity studies, feasibility studies, market analysis
  • Organisational evaluations
  • Impact analysis (ex-ante, ex-post) of management measures (e.g. protected marine areas, national marine parks, wind farms, etc.), risk assessment
  • Blue bio-economy
  • Development and assessment of public policies: management plans, funding programmes (e.g. EMFF)

Marine and coastal resources

Observe, advise and train to preserve marine resources and develop the fisheries and aquaculture sector

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