Data collection at sea

Provide data to analyse marine resource stocks and to enhance the knowledge

Data for marine resource studies

To carry out scientific research on fishing resources, to model and monitor population changes and to monitor fisheries, it is essential to collect reliable data with a high degree of expertise. For all types of projects, the relevance of the analysis depends on the quality of the data and their presence.  

Data collection for your studies: our solutions

Bureau Veritas delivers a renowned range of services for observation and data collection in marine and coastal environments.

Our teams work on fishing vessels, on docks or in processing sites, alongside stackholders (crew, fishing companies, institutional bodies or inter-professional consortia) to provide a network of data and to help in decision-making.

We use a selection of tools and methods to collect data.

Scientific observation:

Technical specialists make observation at sea, on land or thanks to new technology (electronic eyes, EMS...). According to protocols enacted by customers, our team work in France as well as abroad on data collection:

  • biological sampling (measurements, extraction)
  • follow-up of fishry operations and good practices on board
  • examination and video analysis 
  • follow-up of landing operation


Remote or field, our team design survey, manage it and its reminders, then provide a data analysis, in compliance with customer requirements.

These services include various phases:

  • Definition of the survey,
  • Implementation of protocols,
  • Process and team management,
  • Tracking, follow-up, data input and reporting

Marine and coastal resources

Observe, advise and train to preserve marine resources and develop the fisheries and aquaculture sector

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