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Innovation and development for the fishing industry

Sustainable development and blue economy

In a rapidly-changing context, sustainable resource management and the quality of aquatic environments, the quality of fishing products and the performance of production tools are core concerns for the fisheries and aquaculture sector. 

Innovation is essential to the sector‘s economic competitiveness on a local, regional and national scale. It enables us to acquire and distribute new knowledge, to develop more environmentally-sound products, which generate higher value. Today, it is at the heart of the blue economy. 

Bureau Veritas supports public and private sector stakeholders in their innovation and development projects: 

  • Fishing technologies: we participate in testing fishing equipment that is biodegradable and/or has a lower impact on the environment 
  • Digital technologies and services: we participate in developing digital solutions to facilitate data collection, processing and sharing (e.g. product traceability, catch forecasts, etc.), video data collection and analysis (cameras installed on boats), contribution to developing artificial intelligence data (e.g. species recognition, sizes, etc.), geolocation 
  • Renewable marine energies: impact studies (ex-ante, ex-post) 
  • Blue bio-economy, blue growth: identification of sources, uses and new methods of monetising co-products from the fisheries and aquaculture sector, changes to marine occupations 

New equipment or processes, or with significant improvements, including in terms of transforming business operations 

Marine and coastal resources

Observe, advise and train to preserve marine resources and develop the fisheries and aquaculture sector

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