filet en mer

Our experience in French fisheries and around the world

Bureau Veritas participates in French and international scientific observation programmes.

This experience has developed through multiple programmes undertaken for the French Maritime Fisheries and Aquaculture department or its international equivalents (e.g. MARNDR Haiti, MIMAIP Mozambique, Madagascar fisheries department, etc.), scientific and technical institutes (Ifremer, IRD), fishing industry professionals (fishing companies) or their representatives (ORTHONGEL, CNPMEM, producer organisations).

Bureau Veritas is especially active in the French national Obsmer-Obsventes programme entrusted to us by DPMA since 2009. The programme consists in observing and sampling the catches of French fishermen. We also contribute to the OCUP (single permanent joint observer) programme for producer organisation ORTHONGEL. This programme aims to provide scientific observation coverage for 100% of French tuna seiner vessels in the Atlantic and Indian oceans.

Our two primary concerns in this field are respecting quotas fixed by the sampling plans in terms of number of days of observation, but above all the quality of the data collected. These maritime sampling operations have led us to recruit and train a team of scientific observers, to define then implement logistics enabling observers to board vessels in good conditions.

Ressources marines et littorales

Observer, conseiller et former pour préserver les ressources marines et développer la filière pêche et aquaculture

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